Edited by Hollister Kopp
Forward by Jim Goad
Published by Nine Banded Books and Underworld Amusements

Hollister Kopp’s Gun Fag Manifesto was one of those rare zines back in the 90s that wasn’t touchy-feely, moronic or just plain boring. It stood strongly on it’s own alongside zines like Answer Me!, equally managing to piss off nearly everyone, even the most ‘edgy’ hipster douche.
Now, as 2013 comes to a close, Gun Fag Manifesto still retains it’s topicality and relevance, arguably more than ever before. Chip Smith of Nine Banded Books and Kevin Slaughter of Underworld Amusements compiled all three issues into one sexy volume, so lets get this magazine loaded and rack the charging handle!
To judge a book by it’s cover, the aesthetics of Gun Fag Manifesto are as arousing as the wood furniture on a Kalashnikov. A good ole frontal view of a hand holding a revolver is overlaid with screaming red font that dominates the beige background. And if you’re an AK47 aficionado, you’ll recognize the East German Strichmuster camouflage pattern on the back: prevalent on various Bulgarian, East German and Czech AK magazine pouches. Seriously, I don’t know if it’s just me, but that gave me a bit of a boner.
The book starts out with a forward by Jim Goad (of Answer Me!) which seems to make perfect sense, as his zine was a powerhouse in the 90s. This is followed up with a double-tap-center-mass barrage of all things dealing with Firearms and the RIGHT to own them.
The titles alone are hilarious and informative with names like: SURE A THOMPSON SUBMACHINE GUN IS COOL BUT I CAN’T HIDE IT IN MY PANTIES, MEAT IS GOOD FOOD - KILL IT AND EAT IT!, HATE -  THE REV. SMITTY DOESN’T LOVE YOU ANYMORE, and many other tit-bits of angry gun-fueled fun; each interlaced with informative illustrations and diagrams, vintage gun advertisements (WWII German anti-tank rifles anybody?) and even comics.
The gun reviews, (M1 Garand, Russian SKS, and Norinco 1911A1 .45 to name to few) are humorous, gritty and no-holds barred. He reviews an assortment of “taboo” guns that most Range-Rambos refuse to own, you know, the same ones who Bubba their AR platform rifles out with 20” rims and super spy anti-aircraft tripods, yet couldn’t hit the side of a barn in broad day.
I find Hollister Kopp’s writing fondly reminiscent of my dearly departed uncle Jack; that salty old-school backhand-a-child type of attitude that comes from knowledge of how the world really operates. Exhibit A: “About this time Mrs. Kopp was firing a SIG Sauer P229 pistol, and I had to turn away; the sight was just too much for me. I sauntered over to a big display of Remington shotguns, thinking of what we would be doing after the gun show. Some couples go for the missionary position, others like doing it doggy-style. Mr. & Mrs. Kopp - gun fag & gun fag-ette are into the Weaver stance. Try it sometime.”
In articles, “Sure A Thompson Submachine Gun Is Cool But I Can’t Hide It In My Panties” and “The Baretta 92 FS 9mm Parabellum,” Pollyanne Hornbeck proves that guns are not just for beer swilling rednecks.
"An unloaded gun is as good as a hammer, so I keep my little one packed, chambered and real friendly like with two other magazines. If I gotta kill somebody who has "mistakenly" wandered into my house I want to do the job right. And I don’t want to worry about my bullets gliding through a chunk of crack-infested viscera and ending up in my neighbor’s TV set, so I use Winchester Silvertip Hollowpoints at home. You should too."
Each of the three issues end with RED’S LAST WORDS, and let me tell you if you don’t bust a gut laughing you’re a commie-twinkle-toed, tree-hugging, latte-drinking, type of mouth-breather.
The timely words in ‘The Real Reason For Gun Ownership,’ demonstrates the linear logic behind the Second Amendment, from the very beginnings of the United States, to the anti-gun onslaught of tyranny the State constantly besieges us with.
"The anti-gunners, certain that the role of the Government is to grant privileges and dictate behavior, shout that citizens have no reason to be "allowed" to own assault rifles, which have no "legitimate sporting use." The constitution, though, says nothing about "a well-regulated hunting club" being necessary. We do not own handguns, assault rifles, shotguns and other powerful weapons because we are hunters or plinkers or collectors. We do not even own guns because the constitution "allows" us to. The constitution does not grant rights, it recognizes rights already and irrevocably held forever by the people themselves (individuals), and forbids government from trampling on them.
We have a right to keep and bear arms regardless of whether the Second Amendment exists or not! All Article Two guarantees is that we shouldn’t have to defend that right against “our” federal government.”
The body of work contained in this book shall become the future outlaws troubadour song. Like a layman’s 1984, Gun Fag Manifesto reminds us of the very machinations which are imposed on our rights and individual freedoms on a daily basis. Kopp’s .357 MAGNUM opus also reminds us that we are all capable and responsible for our own rights, and that means taking measures into your own hands and not letting Big Brother think for you.
While I am sure the title of this book alone will keep some from purchasing it, don’t be fooled. This has as much to do with sodomy as Feinstein has to do with freedom.

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Have a good day, from Bad Bry and Dirty Mike of Arkham Studios!


Have a good day, from Bad Bry and Dirty Mike of Arkham Studios!


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From the archives:
Original flyers from National Socialist Movement which became James Mason’s ‘Universal Order’ a group who espoused racism with Charles Manson as the “Hitler” figure.
As quoted: Where George Lincoln Rockwell ended, Charles Manson begins.


By Micheal Cummings


By Micheal Cummings

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